Rainy Day? Enjoy our reading area

Hear and enjoy the rain in its purest form while on vacation! Isn't it wonderfully relaxing and calming? Simply beneficial for the soul and mind! Take your time, enjoy a good book and immerse yourself with us in this wonderful world of relaxation! Our reading corner is ideal to relax in rainy weather, to recover, to study, but also to sleep and meditate.


Wahaha Paradise


Wahaha means “laughing child” in Chinese. This is exactly what our partner company does - the “Wahaha”: Here children's eyes are lit up and parents are given the opportunity to really relax. A visit to the Wahaha is the ideal experience in bad weather. The resort offers a diverse range of indoor, family, sports and wellness opportunities. A very special offer awaits the guests of the Camping Village when visiting the Wahaha. https://wahaha-paradise.com/


Bad weather program at Wörthersee


Most of the time the sun of the south shines wonderfully warm from the sky during your holiday at Lake Wörthersee. On days like this, you don't know what to do first: go running, brunch on the beach, swimming, cycling or just lazing around in the sun.
But what to do if there is bad weather every now and then?
With our practical „Hurra es regnet!“ - Broschüre Guests can now easily fill such days with great experiences. Here you will find countless weather-independent excursion destinations in Carinthia, such as museums, sports facilities, excursion destinations, indoor swimming pools, shopping centers, and way more


Experience Carinthia in bad weather


When you think of Carinthia, the first association is probably the beautiful Wörthersee. But what should you do if the weather doesn't cooperate?
We would be happy to show you how colorful rainy days can be in Carinthia. Interesting exhibitions, mysterious and underground wonder worlds, 200 million years of history or a visit to the most species-rich reptile zoo in Austria? Ask at reception. We'll give you the right bad weather tips if there is no sunshine on vacation.


Top 10 sights


The journey through Carinthia's TOP 10 excursion destinations leads you to the most beautiful sights across the whole country. From the highest mountain in Austria, the Großglockner on the Großglockner High Alpine Road in the far west of Carinthia to the Obir stalactite caves in the east of Carinthia. These are Austria's most fascinating natural wonders which, with their living stalactites, are a rarity across Europe.
All of Carinthia is blessed with natural beauties and wonderful sights. Top excursion destinations make holidays in Austria an absolutely unforgettable highlight for holidaymakers and locals alike. A fast ride from the mountain with the Nocky Flitzer, or a relaxed, breathtaking view from the Pyramidenkogel over the lakes of Carinthia to the Karawanken in the south. The fascination of a show mine in the Terra Mystica or a visit to the old knights at Hochosterwitz Castle. With the animal park and the reptile zoo, animal lovers will also get their money's worth in the relaxing and at the same time exciting holidays in Austria.
Come and visit us in the beautiful region of the Wörthersee and enjoy all the natural beauties and experiences that our Carinthian region has to offer.